Cryosauna with Dewar-System

Our Cryosauna is a device with the highest quality standards.

The open system with dewar vessels is characterized by a low consumption of liquid nitrogen and by a minimal cooling-and drying time plus it is easy to handle.

The vaporization oft liquid nitrogen makes it possible to perform the whole-body cryotherapy with an effective treatment temperature between-120°C and -160°C.

The cryosauna set includes two dewar vessels with a volume of 40 l, which are delivered with the cryosauna itself.

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Technical Specifications

Power supply 110–220±22V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1,5 KW max.
Operating temperature Operating temperature inside the cabin (from −130°C to −190°C) attained in less than 30 s.
Liquid nitrogen consumption for preliminary cooling to −130°C – max. 3kg, for one session – from 1kg to 3kg (averagely 1kg of liquid nitrogen per every minute of a session) (oversize model consumption + about 5 -10%)
Weight circa 380 kg
Overall dimensions 900mm x1550mm x 2450mm (2,200mm without Top)


Exterior Design

Interior Design


Cabin Size

We offer different sizes for the cryosauna cabin depending on the needs of our customer. The Standard size is the favorite among most customers.The Medium and Jumbo sized cryosaunas are built for larger sportsmen who need more space due to their muscular bodies.  The three variations include:

Standard – 174 cm x 90 cm with up to 150 kg supported
Medium – 174 cm x 100 cm with up to 150 kg supported
Jumbo – 184 cm x 100 cm with up to 200 kg supported

Cabin Comparison:




Dewar vessel

Dewar – Beschreibung

Dewar type cryosauna has liquid nitrogen supplied from a dewar vessel. It is a vacuum bottle used for transportation and storage of liquefied gases.

The mobile tank is equipped with rollers, which make it easy to move.  

With a 40 l dewar vessel one can perform between 8 and 12 treatments. 

Technial specification:

  • Modell CK-40
  • Capacity: 40,1 l
  • Tare weight: 14,5 kg
  • Diameter of the hole: 58 mm
  • Height: 760 mm
  • Total diameter: 460 mm
  • Height of rollers: 8 cm





Oversize -Medium or Jumbo                    Lightning with remote control
Decorative handrails                               Exterior color as requested



Guarantee and certification

The manufature`s warranty amounts to 12 months and further 12 months on all spares.

All devices have the necessary EU-certificates. 


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